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Buhari has done more for Igbo, Yoruba than for northerners – Adebayo Shittu,Communications minister

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Buhari has done more for Igbo, Yoruba than for northerners – Adebayo Shittu,Communications minister

Buhari-led APC government has done in two years, what PDP government did not achieve in 16 years -Communications minister

– The minister of communications, Adebayo Shittu, said President Buhari-led administration is unbiased
– He said the administration gives equal and fair representation to everyone, regardless of tribe or religion
– He claimed that President Buhari gave better representation to Yoruba and Igbo people in the federal government appointments than northerners
The minister of communications, Adebayo Shittu, said the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration has given equal and fair treatment to all the geopolitical zones in the country despite the fact some zones did not vote for him.
The communications minister disclosed this in an interview with Vanguard newspaper.
Reacting to the comments recently raised about President Buhari’s administration by former president Obasanjo, the minister said he would make no comments again as the work of the president is speaking for him.

He said: “You see what the Igbo did some weeks ago when their leaders came to Abuja to pledge their support for him. Now a lot of infrastructures have been put in place in the southeast.”
Shittu added that President Buhari even gives more opportunities to other regions in the country than his region.
He said: “And if you look at the distribution of ministers, the five Igbo states, it is only one state that has a minister of state; others are senior ministers. He didn’t look at the fact that he didn’t get votes from that part of the country. If you also look at the southwest, you will find that the zone has only one minister of state, others are senior ministers occupying critical positions: communication, housing and power, health, solid minerals and finance.
“These are very critical portfolios that the Yoruba have never occupied under any administration. Even the northwest and the north generally where the president got most of the votes from, there are more ministers of state than senior ministers. So, we have decided that we will be supportive of him because in him, for once, we have a compassionate father to all as the president of Nigeria. Compassionate father!
“Furthermore, if you look at the works ministry, you will find that he has truly been fair to all parts of the country. Just look at road infrastructures and all of that. If you look also at what he is doing on railway, you will find that he is working hard to link all the parts of Nigeria; Calabar to Lagos, Lagos to Kano, Kano to Maiduguri, and Maiduguri to Calabar.”
On the reason why he took Buhari re-election campaign materials to a Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting recently, he said he is the chairman of the Board of Trustees of MBO Support Group, a group working on the re-election of President Buhari in 2019.

“…What we did with the caps was to say this man must possibly contest in 2019. We must start preparing for the campaign. One of the things we would need is face-caps for the campaign and we need samples of the campaign materials for potential supporters and the samples were what we brought to the meeting.
“It is to prepare for the future. Again we tried to use that occasion to publicise some of the achievements of Mr President. Over the last one or two years, a number of PDP apologists have continued to engage in misrepresentations and falsehood against the government, especially in the area of performance and achievements.
“And we thought it was fit for us to itemize the achievements of the government, which is what we said and we continue to say it that what the Muhammadu Buhari-led APC government has done in two years, the PDP governments did not achieve in 16 years,” the minister stated.

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