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Ekiti state Governor Fayose Cries On National TV, Says ‘I’m In Severe Pains’ – APC, Fayemi attempted to assassinate Fayose – (Video)

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Ekiti state Governor Fayose Cries On National TV, Says ‘I’m In Severe Pains’ – APC, Fayemi attempted to assassinate Fayose – (Video)

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Today, those holding power in Abuja placed knife on the neck of
democracy by unleashing terror on the peace-loving people of Ekiti
State, including the governor, Ayodele Fayose.

Attempt was clearly made to assassinate the governor.  He only escaped
being hit by the bullets and teargas canisters fired by the policemen
by the whiskers. That was after the policemen had openly assaulted

The armed MOPOL had barricaded the government house, preventing
movement in and out of the seat of power in Ekiti State.

The mission of the policemen, who acted on the instruction of the APC
governorship candidate, Kayode Fayemi was to prevent the PDP from
holding its victory rally slated for today. The APC was so intimidated
by the huge crowd that converged at the government entrance that they
invaded the Campaign Office of our governorship candidate with armed

When Governor Fayose came out of the government house at about 11am to
inquire why the government was blocked, the MOPOL Commander said
openly that “governor my foot.” He said he had instruction from above
to kill whoever challenged his authority and before one could say
jack, he ordered that his men should start shooting and firing teargas

In the process, Governor Fayose sustained injury and fell. He was
immediately rushed to the government house clinic and later to the
State University Teaching Hospital, Ado Ekiti where he is recuperating

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With what happened in Ado Ekiti today, Nigerians and the entire world
can begin to imagine the level of violence the APC and its candidate
will unleash on the people on Saturday.

It should be clearer to people of good conscience that these APC
people do not want the votes of Ekiti people to count. They have
boasted that they will use federal might to hijack power in Ekiti and
they are living up to it, with the police and DSS acting as their
terror army.

The most dangerous signal being sent by the APC is that there will be
no election in 2019 as Nigerians would have been subdued and captured
before then.

Lovers of democracy and progress of Nigeria must therefore rise in
defense of the country now, before it is too late. Nigerians must not
allow these APC desperadoes to collapse democracy and turn the country
to a captured territory.

Let’s save Nigeria now before it is too late.

Here in Ekiti, it is very clear that the APC does not have the support
of the people. The people of Ekiti are desirous to elect their
governor by themselves and no amount of intimidation and harassment
will stop them.

We call on the people of Ekiti to be law-abiding and on Saturday, they
should all go out to cast their votes and make sure that their votes
are protected. In the end, the might of Ekiti people will prevail over
federal might.

Lere Olayinka
Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media
July 11, 2018


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