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It’s better not to have any government than for PDP to return – Former PDP Chieftain Senator Rowland Owie

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It’s better not to have any government than for PDP to return – Former PDP Chieftain Senator Rowland Owie

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 A former PDP chieftain, Senator Rowland Owie, has declared that Nigerians would not allow PDP to come back to power in 2019
– He said the problems currently plaguing Nigeria were created by the PDP
– Owie also noted that it would be better not to have any government in Nigeria than for PDP to return to power in 2019
Former chief whip of the Senate, Rowland Owie, chairman, national contact committee of the Action Democratic Party (ADP), has said Nigerians would not make mistake to return Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to power in 2019.
In an interview with Vanguard, Owie, who was also a member of House of Representatives between 1979 and 1983, said that it better for Nigeria to have no government than to allow the PDP to stage a come back in 2019. gathered that he said that the problem plaguing Nigeria today was caused by the former ruling party.
“The problem we have today was caused by the PDP. It is a pity I was in that party. We were the founding members of the PDP. The leadership of that party brought impunity into the party. By the time the PDP took over power, Nigeria Airways was alive, Aladja was working, Ajaokuta was working, Basita sugar company was working, NITEL was working.
“As a matter of fact, when we were in the Senate, NITEL had over N2.4billion in its account, they were not borrowing to pay salaries. But the PDP government came and sold these businesses and as at today not one single staff of these former companies had got his or her pensions and gratuities.
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“The party went ahead and destroyed all the toll gates from where huge revenue could have been derived to fix all federal roads without going to ask for tax payers money. Do you know that one year’s allocation during Obasanjo’s tenure was just about 10 per cent higher than the allocation IBB got in eight years.
“And yet IBB’s performance for that period surpassed Obasanjo’s performance in eight years. So when you say the PDP is regrouping, it is laughable because they can never regroup. This is a party where governors decide what happens while the ideals of the party built by the founding fathers of the party had been destroyed.
“Few weeks ago, former chairman of the PDP, Col.Ahmadu Ali, during the launching of his book declared that he was a major proponent of third term. Ordinarily he should have been stoned for saying that.
“I was even more disappointed when Prof. Jubrin Aminu, former Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, said that he respected Col. Ahmadu Ali, a man who supported third term for Obasanjo. It is a shame.
“It is better not to have any government in place in Nigeria than for PDP to return. I was just reading in the papers how PDP shared N150billion two weeks to the 2015 general election. Let me tell you, after Shehu Shagari, then Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, and bit of President Jonathan before he was hijacked by palace jesters, there was no other civilian president in this country.
“The eight years of Obasanjo were a waste and PDP should take responsibility for it because they fielded him. So PDP cannot come back again, they are making noise as usual.
“For the SDP, my happiness about the arrival of SDP is that it is depleting PDP and very soon the PDP will be erased and the SDP will be nowhere. Those who are going to the SDP are analogue politicians, they don’t know the mechanics of a political party.
“In the first Republic, it was Action Group, NCNC, UNPC, NEPU, when the coup took place and entered second Republic, those four parties died and never came up because they were already in the mortuary.
“So the old Action Group came out as UPN, the old NCNC came out as NPP. The old NEPU came out as PRP and the old UNPC came out as GNPP and that was the end. So NRC, SDP came in the third aborted Republic. Are you still hearing of NRC, no.
“So SDP cannot fly. If you are looking for the sins of SDP and its leadership, it is the spirit of late Gen.Yar’Adua who they betrayed that will continue to haunt them. SDP can never be a threat to ADP. With ADP, by the grace of God, in government in 2019, the past shall be corrected and the future shall be secured.

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