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Just in: 5 reasons why we should not vote Atiku in 2019 – Ademola Adeyemi

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Just in: 5 reasons why we should not vote Atiku in 2019 – Ademola Adeyemi

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Another election is around the corner and the monsters are out again in their angelic cloaks..  It’s time to deceive Nigerians again.. Hurrah!!!
Nigeria is in trouble in all ramifications, and there seems to be no way out of, but our politicians always know how to fool us (even in the worst situations) every 4 years or 8 years..  They know what to say and what to do to get our votes.
But it’s time to liberate ourselves from these people…  One of them is Atiku Abubakar, and here are some of the reasons why we should not allow him enter Aso Rock in 2019.
1. He has no definite political ideology; Atiku Abubakar like most Nigerian Politicians is not driven by any conventional political ideology, he just wants to rule and amass wealth, and will do anything or say anything to get power. At this point in our history as Nigerians we can no longer afford leaders with no political compass, leaders who only see Nigerian as a cake  that can never finish, a cake from which they must eat as much as possible before they die. Nigeria’s problems have evolved just like the Nigerian society it self and if any leader is to ‘deliver’ us from our problems, such a leader must know what he/she is doing and such a leader must have a realistic, practical and readily functional ideology or ideologies.
2. He is corrupt;  Here in Nigeria, corruption is almost as common as oxygen, and 10 out of every 10 Nigerians have been a perpetrator or victim of corruption at some point in their lives, and Atiku Abubakar is not exempted from this unfortunate fact. Only if we are to deceive ourselves, Atiku Abubakar is corrupt, during his time as vice president, there were so many allegations raised against the government of the PDP that were swept under the carpet and till date no one is saying anything about anything. The Nigeria he and Obasanjo created in 8 years is what evolved and gave birth to the insurgencies and economic problems we are facing today as Nigerians,  but they were never punished for their contributions to the woes of Nigeria as a country. And now he is coming back to run for president. (Make we shine our eyes!)
3. As a Business man, he has no real investments that benefits Nigerians; Personally, I don’t like most of these Nigerian politicians, they lie,  they steal and they destroy, with all these terrible things they do, the worst  is that the money they steal from Nigeria, most of them don’t even spend a dime of it investing in Nigeria, they will carry it abroad to keep or even to add salt to the injury they use these stolen funds to build schools and factories in neighboring African countries boosting the economy of those countries in the process while Nigerians and Nigeria itself continue to suffer. Atiku Abubakar is one of these politicians who don’t have tangible investments in Nigeria. Even if he says he didn’t steal money  (big lie), at least he claims he is a business man, how many of those business are rooted in Nigeria and how are Nigerians benefiting from these ‘businesses’? And even the ones he claims to have in Nigeria, are they actually helping us (considering the fact that he said he loves Nigeria and Nigerians), or are they making him richer?  (question for the gods)
4. He is one of them (the generation of leaders that failed and are failing us); Since my primary school days, they have been telling me that I am the leader of tomorrow, and since then the only thing I’ve led is my class in primary 3 as class captain. Those old thieves are just recycling themselves, as if they don’t want to die, they want to be forever young. And perhaps it would not have been so much of a problem if they actually perform and do the right thing, no (Lai Lai), they won’t! they just keep going and coming, stealing, hiding and amassing wealth at the detriment of Nigerians. And Mr Atiku Abubakar is one of these old thieves that failed us, that destroyed us and are still sucking us dry. All these ‘eye service’ he’s been doing recently are very similar to the things Buhari (our half-dead president) did before 2015 elections, and look at us now. Atiku has nothing new to offer us as Nigerians, he is coming to continue from where he and Baba Obj stopped. He is a liar and a thief and he is not capable of ruling us right.
5. He cannot honestly and transparently declare his assets; Okay,  so we all know that our leaders are thieves and heartless liars,  so this is pretty much self-explanatory.
It’s simple and straight forward. Atiku Abubakar will never actually tell us how much he is worth and how he got all of his wealth and we can’t force him.

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