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Nigerian Popular music producer Sarz narrates how SARS officials stopped him and collected money from him..

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Nigerian Popular music producer Sarz narrates how SARS officials stopped him and collected money from him..

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– According to him, he was stopped, interrogated and let go, only after he had parted away with a ‘little something’- His encounter is following the currently trending campaign popularly known as #EndSARS
As the #EndSARS campaign continues to attract a growing recognition, many people have come forward to share their numerous unpleasant experience with the special force. Among the recent celebrities who have shared their encounter is popular music producer, Sarz.
He took to his Twitter page to narrate his story. Although his encounter with them was almost no different from other people, we cannot ignore how humorously he narrated the story.
He wrote: “Hello everybody, the Sarz you don’t want to end is here again. Something just happened right now. I got stopped by SARS So I was driving alone and a Toyota Sienna with 6 heavily armed men pulled up in front of me… 3 of them came down and told me to park!! They asked for my license. Luckily for me I forgot it . They entered the car and told me to just drive. I drove…They asked for my ID card and I told them I don’t have an ID one of them said we go show you something.”
see twitter post below:

“Since I didn’t have my license, I didn’t want to be aggressive with my rights so I switched profiles to ” your friendly neighborhood guyman”. At this point one of them took my phone and was searching it then he asked where I work. I told him I’m a popular music producer. and I work for myself. He said ” Na by popular!?!? We de go station we will impound this car ” ( I’m still driving off course btw). Finally one of them said ” e be like say I don see your face true true for television… Wetin be your name ” I said Sarz on the beat and one of them hit me lightly on my shoulder and said ” So na you be the fake Sars ” it was all smiles for here . they said we are all doing the same work and I should find something for them cos the sun was hot…..I have them some change. They said next time make sure you carry your license and I should greet starboy. I said ok no p .

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