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Tension in Bayesla community as residents flee from soldiers searching for militant leader

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Tension in Bayesla community as residents flee from soldiers searching for militant leader

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– Residents of a community in Bayelsa have taken to their heels over military invasion of the area

– The residents are horrified of the presence of soldiers who are searching for a militant leader and kidnapper, Kareowei
– Kareowei was said to have allegedly masterminded the killing of some soldiers deployed to the area
Residents of Ndoro community in Ekeremor local government area, Bayelsa state have deserted their homes following a heavy deployment of soldiers and military hardware in the area.
The residents reports are horrified by the presence of the soldiers who are searching for a militant leader and kidnapper,

Kareowei, who allegedly masterminded the killing of some soldiers in the community.
The community – one of the biggest in the Ijaw nation – has been deserted despite pleas from the Bayelsa state government urging residents to remain calm.

One of the community leaders said the whole area was tense due to the build up of military presence
“As I am talking to you now, another battalion is being deployed and they are on their way to our town to battle the boys in their stronghold,” the community leader said.
A source in the community also said that many houses have been destroyed since the killing of the soldiers by the notorious militant leader.

The source said: “Ijaw boys working with the soldiers point to houses and the houses were burnt immediately
“Right now, many persons are displaced, having nowhere to stay, no money to feed and nowhere to sleep. Also, there is serious looting. Once the military leaves a point, criminals loot the area.”
Another source said the soldiers deployed to the community had arrested three militants and were still trailing others.
“ They arrived the town together with a military intelligence officer. They came with an alibi that there is somewhere money is stashed and they needed him to get the money and split it with them as a deal.
“In the middle of that discussion, the boy was called on the phone by an unknown person that the meeting was a set up to get him killed and that every conversation was being recorded.
“This got him angry and he took the military intelligence officer and the other person to his camp. He returned the next morning to the community with the head of the military officer,” the source added.
Meanwhile, the Joint Task Force commander for the Bomadi Division, Captain Jimoh Abdul, refused to comment on the matter.
Abdul said: “I am not in position to speak with you now. You can call 222 Battalion headquarters.
“I am in a very difficult terrain right now. So, you can call any of the Task Force units to get details. I do not have the authority to speak on anything right now.
I do not have enough credit on my phone to text you any phone number because I am in a difficult terrain.”
The group said the military was searching for suspected criminals, who killed a security operative.
The IYC also pleaded with the military to focus on the search for the killers and stop the ongoing bombardment of Toru-Ndoro community in Bayelsa state.

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